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Virtual Styling Session: Upgrade your Style in 30 minutes with me!

Change your look, Change your life- really.  

Do you have something important you need style advice for? Or maybe your wardrobe feels so blah, you're not even dressing in it anymore! You can quickly upgrade your personal style with a few simple tweaks in just 30 minutes with me!


Upgrade your Style with a Virtual Styling Session, so you can step out with confidence, presence, and grace.

You + Me + Skype= Instant Style Upgrade


Do you want to be dressed your best for:     

•A special event or photo shoot

•Filming videos to promote your business

•A professional or networking event

•An important family or social function


This is perfect for you if:

•creating stylish outfits stresses you out

•you're bored stiff with your wardrobe

•you dread getting dressed every morning

•you wish to be complimented on your appearance

•you desire to have more confidence in your look


Why should you always dress your best? Because you will FEEL your best.

Your image matters. Deep inside, you know that. No matter who you are, you ALWAYS feel better when you are dressed your best!
(side note: Your image is not just about dressing up in your best clothing, but includes presence, self-grooming, and self-care)


Feeling your best= confidence, presence, and magnetism.


My personal philosophy is that you should always look and feel your best.

Whether you're a stay-at-home mom, entrepreneur, retiree, or a college student- this will change your life!
I am a living example! 

Looking your best affects your mood, your energy, enthusiasm and vibration, which undoubtedly effects everyone around you as well. Why not share the love? This is not just about helping you look & feel better. It will, in fact, uplift & help those around you.

Whether you have something to plan for or not- Your best clothes are not just for ‘those’ special occasions. Because the fact that you are here today is a special occasion.

If you're not excited to get dressed every day and put yourself out there, whether you are working from home, going to an office, a PTA meeting or traveling the world, then we need to talk!  If you feel bored by the clothes in your closet, spend way too much time trying to decide what you should wear or you've had people tell you your look is getting tried, this is perfect for you. And, bottom-line, if you are not feeling great about yourself right now, let's start with your style! It is the simplest, easiest thing you have control over right now! (And personally, as a woman who loves playing dress-up, I feel it is the most fun!)


Are you wishing...


•You felt more confident about your look

•The {style} fairy godmother would leave your clothes out on your bed every night

•You knew how to put your clothes together in a fresh, new way every morning

•People noticed you & complimented your appearance more

•Your style boredom would just go away

•You felt more comfortable in your skin


This is for you! I want to work with you! Let me make this easier for you. Let’s get together and have fun creating new looks and an image you love, so that you can present yourself looking & feeling your best, without all the wasted time, energy and frustration of trying to do it on your own. Why should you waste your precious time standing in front of your closet, staring aimlessly at the hanging clothes like they are going to magically choose themselves. They won't! But I will for only $150 in 30 minutes!


Become your own Style Star today: $150

($300 Value)



What this includes:

•30 minute Skype session with me

•follow up email support

•1-3 new looks that you can start wearing today

•renewed confidence, self-image, and presence



Yes! I am ready to go! Sign me up NOW!


Note: Purchase of this program is nonrefundable. By purchasing, I agree to the terms & conditions of this agreement. 


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