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Empowerment Photo Sessions for Women: 

Bring your Brand to Life

Are you a women in business or an entrepreneur who has:

  • built a business and a brand that you love
  • confidence in your talents and your work
  • committed to stepping it up, to uplevel your brand and your image

but you're still...

Camera shy, hitting roadblocks, and fear being seen.


Do you hide from the camera because…

  • you're not happy with your weight
  • you're self-conscious of your looks
  • you have no idea what to wear
  • you hate every picture of yourself
  • you feel way too vulnerable standing in the spotlight
What if you had someone holding your hand, setting the stage, elevating your comfort level?  I'm a women who has mastered the art of being highly-visible, (which is key to any high-achieving woman's personal brand), and I want to share this with you.

If you're camera shy and struggling to gain visibility, I can help you find the confidence and presence of a model, so that you can create on-brand, beautiful photos to promote and grow your business AND bring your brand to life!

Here's the deal: Your photos are your business' first introduction to the world. They are your storefront.

Is your outer image a clear representation of the talent, beauty, and expertise that you hold on the inside? Are your images on-brand? If not, you may be repelling your ideal clients instead of attracting them.


A sampling of what your experience may look & feel like: 



My creative team & I will help you embody confidence no matter your size, shape, age, weight. You will learn to ignite your self-worth and be completely comfortable in your skin standing on camera. Your time is NOW. Sign up for your private Empowerment Photoshoot to take advantage of BONUS coaching sessions ***EXPIRES 12/15/14*** (see below)



Together we will create images that shine your inner light on the outside, as a beacon for business and your brand. If your ideal clients can't see you, how are they going to hire you? Right, they won't!

Working with a professional team, including myself as your on-set photoshoot coach and creative director, you will have nothing to worry about other than standing in your power, being pampered, and having the time of your life. 

If YOU are a female entrepreneur ready to take your business to the next level and you know getting on camera, so that you can gain visibility is your next step, you are in the right place!

You will learn the tools and tactics to get comfortable on camera, stand in the spotlight, and really be seen as your true self. You will be provided with the tools, support, guidance, and the enthusiasm of a professional team doing what they do best- make you shine!







The Empowerment Photo Sessions are now booking for January 2015 in luxurious Scottsdale, AZ.


Included in your experience:

Pre-shoot wardobe consultation (skype)

Pre- & Post-shoot planning session

Professional Hair & Makeup on set

Photography session plus edited shots for your usage

Healthy food & snacks provided 




Behind-the-scenes of a recent Empowerment Photoshoot



***FAST ACTION BONUSES*** when you sign up now


Recieve 30-days private coaching ($1500 Value)

Create a strategy to use your new images to shamelessly self-promote yourself and your business. Having fresh, current, professional photos that you're proud of gives you the freedom to become more visible on social media, in your community, in front of groups, on video, and even 1-1. When your photos are on-brand and a clear reflection of you, people form an emotional connection to you thorugh them. People respond to that. Together we will examine your brand image to make sure it is attracting, not repelling your ideal clients. 



Private Session with Brand Specialist Roxana Boglio Branigan  (Value: $297)

Roxana has worked on multi-million dollar brands like Toyota, Nissan, Domino's and Carl's Jr. to name a few. She also transformed Cadillac's image- remember "It's not your grandfather's car anymore."  Well, that was her.  Now, she's taking her behind the scenes strategies to entrepreneurs like you, to help you create a brand that connects with clients, and finally step into the big leagues.

During this 1-hour brand session Roxana will personally review your brand and give you feedback on:
  • Your current brand personality -from a brand strategists' perspective
  • How you can design a brand for your business that is in alignment with who you are
  • The current messaging of your products/programs & that it is in alignment with your brand 
  • Brand strategies that you can implement to gain visibility that attracts the right clients 
  • Your next step to taking action so you can get noticed & make money doing what you love 

Altogether this package is a complete game-changer!  In one-day you will be transformed from the inside out and ignite your self-worth. 



Yes! I am ready to go! Sign me up NOW!



***A portion of the earnings from The Empowerment Photo Series is donated to Severson Sisters, a non-profit organization, of which Laura Madden serves on the advisory board. Severson Sisters empowers females of the world, providing programs and services that help girls ‘Connect to their Inner Super Girl.’  Their mission is to inspire Super Girls of all ages to live their life as their authentic, awesome, super self. 


Note: Purchase of this program is nonrefundable. By purchasing, I agree to the terms & conditions of this agreement. 

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