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60 days to becoming the Spokesmodel of your Brand for Woman entrepreneurs with a personal brand

You’ve developed your brand and built a business that you love

You are ready to take it to the next level and promote your work on a large scale

You’re ready to stand out as an expert in your field so you can influence others and create major change in the world

But you’re struggling to gain exposure and create an image that speaks the essence of your brand- you might be uncomfortable seeming too showy

I understand the self-consciousness and vulnerability you may be feeling around putting yourself out there to gain visibility, but I am here to assure you with the right tools, guidance and a personalized plan, it can be done and it can be fun! You are the face of your brand. People buy you even more so than your products and services. It’s time to be seen and stand out!


Do you desire to

  • create an eye-grabbing presenceas the face of your brand, so you can attract your ideal clients vs. hide from them
  • Get crystal clear on the voice of your brand, so you can promote and sell yourself with confidence and ease
  • Step into the spotlight as an expert in your field through different types of media, i.e. blogging, social media, live events.
  • create an image that you’re proud of, so you can gain visibility and a strong online presence         
  • dissolve self-consciousness & self-doubt, so you can quit worrying what will people think?’ once and for all!  
  • create captivating media content, videos, and photos that people can't ignore to clearly communicate the message of your brand

If this is you, then we need to talk, because I am helping women entrepreneurs all over the world, and I can help you too. (And I’ve also been there, so I know how you feel) For a long time, I suffered from FEAR of judgement, self-doubt and self-consciousness too. This isn't an online program that you could lose interest in half-way through, or a group program you could get lost in. This is 1 on 1 personal attention and accountability, tailored and designed specific to your needs, values, style and your brand!


Are you struggling with…

  • hiding out from being highly visible, and attracting ideal clients 
  • feeling disconnected from your voice and reflecting it in your brand
  • fear of turning people off from being too pushy, so you play it safe and try to please everyone!
  • lack of onlinecontent and on-brand photos that clearly reflect the message of your brand
  • a lack of presence and confidence in your image


I own spokesmodel

As a model and a coach, I’ve built my business being visible, using my voice, and putting myself out there! I teach women entrepreneurs how to become the face of their own brand, so they can gain visibility and grow their business.

I fell in love with the journey of becoming visible, finding my voice and sharing my story, only after facing my fear of judgement and a life of self-doubt and self-consciousness. I had to live these struggles to learn the tools that really work! Now I am helping women like you create the charisma, confidence and content to become the Spokesmodel of your own brand too! Woman, You are your brand!

Heather Jadus

“After working with Laura, I really upped my visibility, broke out of my shell, started showing up more vibrantly in video and had a killer brand photoshoot during our program together. I gained confidence & the tools to take control of my professional presence. -Heather Jadus


What you can expect

As a women business owner with a personal brand, you are the face of your brand. When you claim your status as your own spokesmodel, people perk up and take notice. To have an image that you’re proud of and a look you love is presence, which speaks volumes for your work. No one else can sell your brand like you! YOU are your brand!

People are buying a relationship with you even more so than your products or services. Your image needs to clearly communicate the message of your brand.  I will help you find your true voice and infuse it into your content, so people know and trust you even just from what they see.

We’ll spend 60 days together examining your brand style and defining exactly what you want people to experience about you and your brand. We create a strategy to give your brand a voice through your images, content, and social media presence. We will dig deep to cultivate rock-solid confidence and charisma and create an image that you're proud of, so you are home free to promoting yourself unapologetically, gaining visibility, and growing your business, while having a great time being you!


This is for Women entrepreneurs whore ready to:

  • break out of their shell to gain visibility, influence & leadership in the world
  • create an eye-grabbing presence that boldly promotes their brand
  • communicate the message of their brand through their content, photos and their image
  • cultivate a strong social media presence
  • attract their ideal high-end clients & make more money now
  • invest in their growth to create more freedom and flow in your life

This is not for women who:

  • are just starting out and have no idea what their brand is
  • do not desire creating an eye-grabbing image, so they can feel more confident standing in the spotlight
  • rather play it safe than risk being vulnerable and being visible
  • refuse to engage and network on social media to create a strong online presence
  • are not excited by being fully-expressed, creative and stylish
  • are unwilling to invest in themselves to create more freedom, money and ease in their life & work

What you get:

  • PR strategies you can implement immediately
  • visibility & confidence-building exercises
  • content creation, including social media, photo & video prep
  • online promotion of your brand from yours truly 
  • private coaching, support & stretch
  • unlimited online support
  • self-care & lifestyle accountability to keep you looking your best, including my whole-food, cleaning eating protocol (optional)
  • weekly action steps to create momentum in gaining visibility and growing your business with ease

In addition, Ill support you with:

  • clarity in finding your voice to create congruency between you and your brand
  • a renewed sense of self-esteem to express yourself & stand in the spotlight as an expert in your field
  • building courage to become highly visibility & influential- online & in person
  • a strong social media presence and community to support you every step of the way
Amanda Dover

"If you are looking for help with developing your courage, confidence, and connecting with your purpose (and much more) contact Laura! She helped me DIG DEEP to build my business." -Amanda Drover, founder Motivated Moms


You might be thinking...

Ive already got a coach- business coach, money coach, life coach, etc.

Same here. We all need one. This experience focuses on defining your voice and your style and infusing it onto your image, photos and media content, to create a congruent representation of you and your brand.  Do you discuss your personal style and your image with your business coach? Do they help you edit your creative content, photos, and videos? Does he/she have the eye of someone with almost 20 years in the modeling/ acting industry, so that you can create an eye-grabbing presence on and off-camera? Strategy is so important BUT it is your image that will get you noticed first because YOU are the face of your own brand. If you want to grow your business, you can not afford to resist gaining visibility now.

I dont have the money right now.

Who really does? You can not afford to be invisible right now. The more visible you are, the more influential you are, so that you can grow your audience and your business. This experience is an investment. Investing in yourself & your business creates more money, freedom, ease and flow in your life & work. Making an investment will pay you back, and then some. If you do not invest, your business may be laid to rest. I don't like that one either, but I had to learn the hard way. 

I don't have time

Everyone finds the time to do the things we really want to do. If you really don't have the time, you wouldn't be reading this. Is gaining exposure, visibility & influence what you want? Is growing your business important to you? Don't you want to promote yourself with confidence, charisma and ease, free of anxiety and doubt about what other people will think? Do you want to feel fully self-expressed while making money growing a business you love?  


I would recommend Laura Madden to any lady business owner who needs to express more fully who they are in their work and their life. Laura helped me identify who exactly I am meant to be in the world. -Virginie Joannes, Personal & Business Coaching Consultant, Speaker, Author


60-day program includes:

  • Welcome guide
  • My (unlimited) time spent behind-the-scenes studying and analyzing your online image, including your website(s), Facebook page(s), and other platforms you engage in currently
  • 90-minute private intensive session via Skype to gain clarity of your vision and the voice of your brand, and design a strategy for you to gain visibility & create eye-grabbing content the reflects you
  • 7, 50 minute private coaching sessions via phone or Skype to advance your progress, trouble-shooting, accountability and stretch
  • Weekly action steps for you to gain visibility, create content, and cultivate an eye-grabbing presence & irresistible image, sure to bring in your ideal clients and $$$.
  • Unlimited email access for accountability, support, and encouragement


7 day detox for beginners

***FAST-ACTION BONUSES*** when you sign up now

  • Private Session with Brand Specialist Roxana Boglio Branigan  (Value: $297)

Roxana has worked on multi-million dollar brands like Toyota, Nissan, Domino's and Carl's Jr. to name a few. She also transformed Cadillac's image- remember "It's not your grandfather's car anymore."  Well, that was her.  Now, she's taking her behind the scenes strategies to entrepreneurs like you, to help you create a brand that connects with clients, and finally step into the big leagues.
During this 1-hour brand session Roxana will personally review your brand and give you feedback on:
  • Your current brand personality -from a brand strategists' perspective
  • How you can design a brand for your business that is in alignment with who you are
  • The current messaging of your products/programs & that it is in alignment with your brand 
  • Brand strategies that you can implement to gain visibility that attracts the right clients 
  • Your next step to taking action so you can get noticed & make money doing what you love


  • True Food Detox ($197 value)

(optional) A whole-food, clean eating program to keep you looking and feeling your very best, including self-care and holistic lifestyle guidance, if that’s your style (I use this myself to stay in tip-top shape)



Yes! I am ready to go! Sign me up NOW!

Note: Purchase of this program is nonrefundable. By purchasing, I agree to the terms & conditions of this agreement. 


"If you want to find that powerful lady within you that gets clients into your programs with ease, talk to Laura! She will help you radiate your authentic self in your videos, photos, social media presence,and LIFE!” -Tessa Chittle, Revolutionary Living Coach and Happy Business Expert, founder of The Revolutionary Living Institute (RLI)


She didn't let me hide behind my excuses, but challenged me to go beyond what I thought was possible. If you're looking for someone who truly wants you to succeed, and will NOT let you give up on YOURSELF, Laura Madden is your girl." -Otiti Jasmine Ovuewhorie, writer, visionary at The Raw Fiery & Bold Academy

"I felt incredibly supported and understood during my coaching work with Laura. I gained confidence to play big! Even after our first session, I felt inspired to find a better way to connect with my target audience & be the spokesperson of my brand!"-Megan McHargue, founder Oh My Good Nest - Holistic Health Coaching

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