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  • W17 Must-haves (A wide-leg I love)-2

    As I mentioned in a recent post, for the next month or so I’ll be covering a handful of my favorite Winter ‘17 trends- or what I prefer to call my must-haves.

    Also, in case you are new to this blog, all of the items featured fit under the sustainable fashion umbrella and/or are items I have owned for a very long time (ie. sustainable fashion simply because the cost-per-wear becomes so low after wearing an item for many years).




    Exaggerated proportions are balanced nicely with a simply feminine blouse






    Something that makes secondhand shopping such a brilliant thing to me is that there’s little risk. You can try something new and uncertain for a very little investment. Shopping consignment or thrift lowers the risk compared to buying that same piece brand-new, where you’re likely doling out a lot more dough. Not exactly something I care to practice on the regular.
    That silk slip dress? Those high-waisted frayed-hem jeans? Metallic thick-soled slip-ons? Why not try ‘em out for size? If you love them, great. You got a deal! If not, no loss; you can reconsign or donate. At least you can say you tried it. WAY MORE FUN! IMO







    Let’s talk about today’s look, for instance. These ultra wide-leg pants are a bit off the beaten path for me. I do love them, and I love me some volume just for the wow-factor effect, but not so much on me (truthfully). I found them at a local consignment store. They actually fit. The price was right. Bam. They were mine. And now they’re ours- because you’re reading about them on this blog. I just love the internet…but I digress.



    Have you ever met a more mood-enhancing print.



    Since I am on the petite side, I can look swallowed up by such volume, as in an overly billowy dress or blouse, or these pants shown here. I have to be careful with it.
    Though I really love those billowy looks on others, and let’s face it- they are oh so forgiving on most figures- on me, they can actually add volume and weight where it doesn’t already exist- and where I might not want it. So…I’d rather not do that, now would I.

    Vintage accents

    Vintage accents




    A few things about today’s featured look is that there’s a lot going on in terms of my winter ’17 must-haves…

    volume: wide-leg denim & with unique accents too
    polka dots: playful & practical, and in my mind will always be so chic
    new crop: (did you notice my new haircut yet!? She did it [here])







    I really do believe in the psychology of clothes. For some time, I stayed away from polka dots, thinking they were too cutesy for me. But OMG, have you ever met a more mood-enhancing print. So Happy!

    And the ultra wide-leg pant- so comfy and elegant! Is it a skirt? Is it pants?
    Can I live in these pants please? They’re just like wearing a skirt, but warmer!


    When comfort is all that matters, but you really do still want to look chic, I’d go for a wide-leg like these.



    So comfy, so elegant! Is it a skirt? Is it pants? Can I live in these pants please?

    Shown here:

    blouse- J.Crew at Sola Lucy
    denim- Free People at Sola Lucy
    shoes- Cole Haan at Sola Lucy
    belt & necklace- vintage at Arcs Value Village








    I hope you enjoy the coming looks. And remember, the funny thing about ‘trends’ is that they come and go- and come back again. So, wear what you love. Chances are it is once again in style to someone somewhere else in the world.

    Just know that if what you’re seeing in magazines is not exactly what you’re putting on your body, as long as you love it, you’re still cool. So, just be cool. And if you feel cool, then you are. Cool?
    Much of my journey with clothing has been about owning who I am, investing in myself, and communicating who I am to the World- unfiltered and unashamed. And same for you! It’s all about you- and your preferences, your statement, no one else’s.



    Vintage details make a world of difference

    Vintage details make a world of difference



    Thank you for reading, watching, following and just being here. YOU mean a lot to me. I wouldn’t be doing this if it weren’t for YOU, my dear reader!
    I hope this leaves you feeling empowered and inspired to shop more consciously and always consider where your clothes were made and by who.


    You are a walking advertisement for you! Choose clothing you love and that feel good to you! Use your style to express yourself freely and vote with your wallet. Every bit of who you are matters!



    the end.

    the end.


    Photography by Jessie Cagliero Photography

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