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  • The path may shift…

    When you intuitively know- like deep-in-your-bones know that you need to make a change, it can be really scary. It can also be deeply disappointing. If you choose to ignore the calling, that fear & disappointment just grows and grows.

    Nothing to beat yourself up about (hint hint- my best advice to myself).

    “Disappointments can knock out the shouts and reduce our voices to whispers.” -Tim Storey


    First of all- Most of us in modern day culture were brought up to learn that change is scary. Uncertainty is scary. The unknown is scary. And especially what’s to come on the other side of change is scary.


    Second- We are the ones that are having to make the change. It’s on us. Change may be inevitable. At some point down the road, change will come whether we choose it or not. But if we don’t have the courage to do it for ourselves, the Universe will serve us up some change- and it won’t be on our terms. That can be really painful- and that’s even scarier.


    Unplanned change can make us feel so out of control and sometimes even duped– by the Universe, by God, by Life. This can leave us in self-doubt and mistrust. Not a happy place to be. Trust me on that one.

    Remember- we are in control of the changes we make. Whether we do or we do not, it is in our hands. You can still be scared and fearful of that unknown, AND you can still go for it. The fear will be there anyways….

    You get to choose.
    Last summer I attended a fitness conference. Not too long ago I worked as a health + fitness professional. I was the fitness girl. I thrived off the identity of her. I clung to her for dear life- though for a long time, I knew she was no longer my truth, my calling, my passion.


    The path may shift. And it’s ok.
    Though I’ve relinquished my professional role in the fitness industry, attending this event was phenomenally empowering for me. Of the utmost importance came a deep knowing that today, with much uncertainty, still in the midst of change, I am just where I need to be. We always are actually. Even when we feel like shit or like a failure or unworthy. Still, we are.


    And I am just perfect exactly as I am. (I know I have written & spoken about the perfection piece a lot here, but I still struggle with it at times as I sift through the layers of it)

    My decision to leave the fitness industry was a long and painful one, but it became even more clear to me now. At that stage of my life, using fitness and weight loss as the only tool to help bring about change in people’s lives was no longer congruent with who I am.


    Once I knew I could help people love themselves for who they are and create a healthy self-image without even losing any weight, I knew it was time to move on.

    It’s an inside job.


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    This is also my very personal journey. How I choose to use this experience to help others continues to evolve and to this day, is being revealed to me. The path may shift. Still.

    When we love who we are and feel beautiful without validation from our reflection in the mirror, whether we lose weight or not, doesn’t make or break us. It can’t. When you are solid on the inside- deep in your core- you are unstoppable.



    If I can help you release self-judgement, body hatred, and self-doubt, you, too, will feel unstoppable. The journey of ‘getting there’ will feel more walk in the park than a swim to Alcatraz.

    I’ve been there and I know it all too well. Free of self-doubt and self-hatred, there’s no anxiety or confusion that what you seek is on its way. You know it is on the way. Trust.

    You are right where you need to be.

    It’s an inside job.

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