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  • One To Watch 02- Handcrafted Jewelry Brand Beksan Designs

    I recently teamed up with Beksan Designs to play dress up and be girlie with their beautiful jewelry and accessories. (big grin) Really, that basically sums up the experience of our shoot together. Beksan Designs is a SF-based brand that makes unique, handcrafted jewelry and accessories that are sustainably sourced using ecofriendly metals, gemstones, and textiles.
    After meeting with the owner of Beksan Designs, aside from her extraordinary passion for style and design, it is very clear that this brand she created with her sister cares very much about elevating women’s confidence.



    Their work together reflects their commitment to designing fashionable, sustainable pieces that make women look and feel beautiful- which, as you may know, really fires me up. There just can’t be enough people, designers and brands that are focused on these matters of human compassion, dignity and sustainability*.



    And now on to me- what I really want to share about this brand’s designs is that they can simplify your life. You can start with the simplest base- a navy silk blouse, and gauzy white top, or an LBD- and layering on a few of their pieces can completely transform your look over and over again. Basically, they invite you to get creative and play dress up. (eh hem, I thought you’d never ask)





    Jewelry by Beksan Designs; dress by Marie Hell





    Jewelry by Beksan Designs; Vintage blouse




    I’ll admit I used to feel guilty about having an extensive jewelry obsession and a collection to match it, but I see it so differently today. Having a surplus of jewelry and accessories to pull from and play with allows me to have less clothes! And save space on bulkier wardrobe items that would be taking up precious real estate in my closet- and of course save money!




    Having a solid jewelry collection allows your wardrobe to work double duty with half the stuff. You just won’t need as much clothes. And at this point in my life I am all about simplifying and I am in a major purge mode. Not quite the capsule, and not quite minimalism, but compared to the excess I used to live with, this feels a whole lot more freeing.



    Remember- jewelry doesn’t take up much space either. Another benefit of investing in a few good statement pieces. Anything that can keep me from buying unnecessary stuff- I’m all for it!





    Jewelry by Beksan Designs; dress by Marie Hell




    Jewelry by Beksan Designs; Vintage blouse



    Jewelry by Beksan Designs; Vintage blouse


    “Minimal effort, maximum impact, this is the chicest way to accessorize this season.  Big bold statement jewelry is an easy way to add a ‘je ne sais quoi’ to your look!”
    -Beksan Designs


    scarf & jewelry by Beksan Designs

    A little more about Beksan Designs:

    This brand was founded 6 years ago by two sisters who were inspired in their youth by the magnificent gemstones and stunning metals of Istanbul’s Topkapi Palace.  Together, they design original hand-crafted jewelry utilizing a variety of semi-precious stones and eco-friendly metals. 



    They uniquely blend Ottoman style with contemporary flair to create pieces that reflect their heritage.  Their signature look is simple, organic shapes, combined with gemstones and crystals, in eye-catching settings that stand out from the crowd.  




    In addition to their online store,, they offer their designs through trunk shows, store events, art festivals, and fundraisers. Giving back is an important part of the brand’s mission. They regularly participate in non-profit and education based events where they’re able to donate a portion of their sales to the cause. They have proven successful, as customers love their one-of-a kind jewelry that is beautiful, stylish, and affordable.  





    Jewelry by Beksan Designs; Vintage blouse




    Jewelry by Beksan Designs; dress by Marie Hell



    Get involved. Become part of the movement for a healthier, more sustainable fashion world. I believe that together we can change the face of fashion.  Wear what you love and wear what empowers you. Also consider where your clothes were made and who made them. Your purchase may empower the person who made them (or not). Shop wisely.

    Every purchase is a vote. Make yours count. Dress in clothing you love and that have a positive impact on you and the rest of the world.

    *The items featured on this blog are what I consider sustainable fashion and/or are items I have owned for a very long time- which I would then consider a sustainable fashion choice simply for the longevity of it.


    dress worn throughout by Marie Hell; for more on this dress click {here}
    photography by Jessie Cagliero

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