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  • Life x Style 063 (the subtle art of surrendering)

    So, what does the subtle art of surrendering even mean you might be wondering? To not be do•ing any-thing or doing much or giving much care about the state of the times. THIS, my friends, THIS is just what it comes down to for me. Yes, it’s something I totally made up.


    This brings me to why adopting the simple art of surrender is such a game-changer for me. It is not caring SO MUCH when things don’t go as planned- and especially not waiting until it is no longer a choice, which is the situation I most often find myself in. In the past when my website would throw me such surprise glitches, I would get like crazy.


    HOW!? HOW- despite my best efforts, excitement and intentions in doing what I was about to do- could my website short-circuit on me??? How dare it? As if it were a stubborn puppy or something refusing to follow command. As if my computer were doing this to spite me.
    Or was it???

    If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you always get



    The funny thing about this past week (getting sick, being stuck at home, website not working, etc.) is that I’ve been here before. It’s a familiar place. But in the past I’ve always pushed, pushed, pushed my way through, trying every which way I could to break past the cycle of ‘bad things’ happening- that is until something really ‘bad’ happened that completely put me out of the game for an extended time. That NOT happening right now is critical, as I’ll be moving again soon, and will need all my stamina to get s*#t done. My challenge this time is not letting history repeat itself. So…


    Back to surrendering for me- it means to accept what is- without raising my blood pressure or my voice. Even if my computer is trying to teach me a lesson or two- maybe it’s something I need to learn; like taking a break. And if nothing else, my dogs will be a lot happier for it. Because quite honestly- if it were up to them, this whole website thing would be history~~~ Somedays I serially consider taking their advice… but for now, I think I’ll hire an expert (another one, that is~)


    Doing things differently this time means surrendering, pulling back, slowing down (AGAIN. even more)- listening at what may seem like a painstaking rate of concentration- and you guessed it, surrender .



    Silver lining:


    • Everything is better with dogs (thankful I have them!)
    • Getting sick (at least at first) is easier in paradise (yes, sunshine and palm trees does it for me- thankful for them too)
    • The things you learn along the detour look much brighter in ‘slow mode’ (thankful I have the option of a ‘slow mode’ today)


    I am hoping to be back up and running soon, but if not… I think I’ll stop and smell the roses, and enjoy the desert views.




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