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  • Life x Style 043 (sustainable style inspo)

    This week I’m bringing you a little sustainable style inspiration, wearing my take on California casual/ preppy/ cool, all purchased secondhand as well. 


    I’ll be completely honest, I am quite proud of the sustainable lifestyle habits I’ve adopted over the past few years. It’s been almost two years since I’d watched the True Cost documentary, and in that same month had begun personal shopping for a line of thrift stores in Minneapolis.

    I was finding so many amazing, high-quality pieces that I decided to only buy sustainable fashion (secondhand, vintage, or from sustainably manufactured brands) as much as humanly possible. I was challenging myself-just to see how good I could do.


    Well, for me, it proved not to be that hard. I did not feel deprived at all, but actually more fulfilled because I knew that my shopping choices were helping to reduce waste from the fast fashion cycle [I was heavily contributing to beforehand].


    And when I say humanly possible, I mean that I did buy undergarments, socks, and a few other items brand new. But I can honestly say that for almost 2 years I have purchased 90% of my wardrobe the sustainable fashion way.


    For anyone reading this who thinks shopping sustainable fashion brands or secondhand is not feasible for you, you can still take steps to shopping more consciously & sustainably.


    Consider this each time you make a purchase:

    -Will you wear it at least 30x?

    -With how many other pieces could you wear it?

    -Is it quality enough to resell it or give it away when you’re done with it?


    When you consider these few simple steps, you’ll see how easy it all becomes to take another step, another, and another towards living a more sustainable lifestyle and doing the best you can for our planet. And even asking yourself these three simple questions really can make a substantial difference.







    My take on California cool is wearing things like white jeans, lots of blues, layers, light-colored linen button-ups (such as this one worn here), and natural fibers like cotton and linen.


    Shown here:
    button up— Ralph Lauren from My Sisters Closet- Lincoln
    jeans- Paige from My Sisters Closet- Lincoln




    I hope this short snipped of sustainable style inspiration helps you to stretch yourself a bit further when considering your future shopping choices- where your clothes where made and by whom. And to choose clothing that you love and that lift you up.


    Every purchase is a vote and what you choose to put on your body speaks volumes about who you are and how you feel about yourself.


    Get confident. Get conscious. Get dressed.


    Photography by Joe Lee

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