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  • Life x Style 042 (Pairing Black + Blue a faux pas?)

    This week I’m talking about my personal style and as always, featuring a sustainable fashion-related piece. I know it might sound a bit odd, but I actually like my navy with a bit of black. I also take great pleasure in demonstrating that there is a better alternative to the mainstream ‘fast fashion’ industry that can be ethical and sustainable, stylish and luxurious, and actually looks and feels really good.


    In case you missed it, I first shared this navy sweater last fall because it is the perfect transitional, timeless piece for in-between seasons, and as you know, I am all about re-purposing wardrobe staples.


    And here we are changing seasons once again. I’ve been re-working it into my wardrobe so much so that I decided to share it here again. For additional looks featuring this piece click {here}.




    Version 2


    Springtime is upon us, and I know most of you are thinking in color, but sticking to my own true style, I am still seeking black and white, and any other neutrals that can effortlessly be mixed into a very random wardrobe, such as my own. It works for me- always, and I love it.

    Instead of black everything- which I do still love and swear by for dressing with ease, I thought I’d change it up with some blue. Since navy is still quite close to black, it offers just the slightest of contrast and, in my mind, interest to the look.


    Very European in nature, black + blue is still quite chic and creates the perfect blank canvas to build upon with your own personality and flair, which is why I love it so much.
    I actually think its peculiar that navy and black was once considered a ‘fashion don’t’ (and maybe it still is, oops!).


    It wasn’t until traveling to Europe years ago that I noticed how timeless and sharp it looks; it is so common there. Everyone was wearing it.





    A timeless piece, such as this v-neck, makes for the perfect blank canvas to create your own masterpiece.








    Here’s one of my favorite looks demonstrating how I style my navy with black. Overall, I chose two very stylish, standout pieces (the vest, leather pants) to pair with a very classic, timeless staple (the navy V-neck), and then added some personality with these standout studded heels and an animal print purse.

    Shown here:
    v-neck sweater— Callina*
    leather pants- Vintage at Ready For Success
    vest- Alexander Wang at Barneys
    shoes- Banana Republic
    purse- J.Crew


    I hope this leaves you feeling empowered and inspired to shop more consciously and always consider where your clothes were made and by whom.
    Choose clothing you love and that feel good to you! Use your style to express yourself freely and vote with your wallet. Every bit of how you show up in the world matters!



    Remember- every purchase is a vote.





    Details/ accessorizing according to your style always elevates a look

    Details/ accessorizing according to your style always elevates a look


    *Callina believes that luxury fashion can be both sustainable and have a positive impact on our world. Their garments are designed with the finest sustainable fibers, crafted by master artisans, and constructed with impeccable attention to detail. Callina’s fine knits can be purchased {here}

    Photography by Jessie Cagliero



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