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  • Life x Style 041 (Is Tailor-made for you?)

    We all have made purchases that we’ve later discovered were not the best decisions. How many times have you bought clothing that wasn’t quite right?But somehow you thought in the back of your head, once it was home in your closet, you would magically fall in love with the flaws that had you second guessing that purchase in the first place? Right. Well, wrong- because those are the sad items that sit idly in your closet, wasting precious closet real estate and making you feel like crap for the money you wasted.

    I’ve done it too. way. too. many. times.


    Just like tailoring an item to a perfect fit, custom made clothing, such as the dress featured here, can relieve us of buying too many items that we don’t really want- or need. Even if it’s just a few pieces here and there, things like a perfect fitting lbd, a blazer, or a multi-season dress can form a strong wardrobe foundation to build on.



    Add your own details in the form of bags & belts to customize the look


    Something rather unique about the maker of this dress, eShakti, is that they offer custom made clothing; that is, clothing made exactly to your liking. Would you rather that full-length sleeve be a 3/4 length? Done. Want that scoop neck to be a V? Done. Prefer a mid-calf length over a mini? Done.



    In my day to day life I like to be comfortable AND stylish. Clothes that aren’t quite right- in terms of fit or function or even a match for my mood- I’m going to look a mess.   No matter how cute and put together a look might be on the outside, what’s on the inside always shines through strongest and loudest. That’s powerful. We can use that to our advantage.


    A vintage keepsake makes a world of difference in transforming a look

    A vintage keepsake makes a world of difference in transforming a look



    If I put something on and it doesn’t feel good, I know it’s not for me, and I try something else. When I finally learned that it’s just as important to pay attention to how I feel as how I look, it was easier to pinpoint what makes me look & feel good at the same time. I guess you could call it intuitive dressing; it’s an inside job.



    It’s a matter of listening to my inner voice- becoming in tune with my body.



    I love the idea of ordering up custom made clothing, so you know you are actually getting what you really want. But I also understand that’s not realistic for all of us. That brings me to this- know thy self. Knowing yourself helps you to know what you want, and that is the basis of making empowered decisions.


    tai·lor-made ˈˌtālər ˈmād/ noun noun: tailor-made; plural noun: tailor-mades; noun: tailormade; plural noun: tailormades

a garment that has been specially made for a particular customer.

    Buying only what you really need and really want will lead to a wardrobe you really love and will  fully utilize. It’s a matter of being conscious, self-aware and honest with yourself. And the best news of it all is that we all can do that. It’s within reach for each and every one of us.

    When you get what you want, you buy less


    {As an aside- I love that meme going around ‘Meditate before you medicate.’ Same with shopping- because truthfully it is a drug for some of us (not naming any names…). Just an idea here: Meditate before you shop & do some self-discovery before self-indulgence. Because I’ll never tell you not to shop, but it really helps to be grounded, AND TO KNOW WHO YOU ARE AND WHAT YOU WANT to make empowered shopping decisions.}

    Remember- every purchase is a vote.

    Shown here:

    dress- eShakti*

    boots- Ralph Lauren at Maribel

    purse- vintage at Ready For Success

    belt- Arcs Value Village


    I hope this leaves you feeling empowered and inspired to shop more consciously and always consider where your clothes were made and who made them.

    Choose clothing you love and that feel good to you! Use your style to express yourself freely and vote with your wallet. Your choices matter!

    Photography by Jessie Cagliero

    *eShakti offers ‘real clothing for real people’ by allowing you to customize your piece so that it best fits your body and your lifestyle.

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