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  • Life + Style 040 (Sustainable Luxury)

    We all deserve a little luxury. I wholeheartedly believe it and live it to the extent that my means allow. But let me back up a minute- for much of my life I was the biggest discount shopper going. It was like my art. The cheaper the better- the cheaper the cost the more I bought. And the more I bought, the less I seemed to value what I had, sending me into a cycle of going back for even more and cheaper clothing. Now that wasn’t saving me any money now was it!?

    Version 2

    Poncho by Callina

    Since I was a very small child, I have always loved really beautiful things (my true Taurean ways have always been strong in that regard). But I often sacrificed true quality for the best deal, something I now consider a lack mentality, and have worked hard to rehab my mindset around.


    Much of the time I was just going for the best deal, instead of targeting what it was that I really desired. It was like a game to get as much as I could for the least amount of money. Though, for that reason I was never truly satisfied with my purchases, prompting me to overbuy and over consume to try to fill that void.


    Maybe I would’ve spent less if I focused on buying what I really wanted in the first place. Like that $10 sweater made out of a cheap, scratchy fabric instead of buying the way more expensive cashmere or wool, which in actuality would’ve fed my [Taurean] senses and my wardrobe needs. I’d like to think that I’ve ‘grown up’ as I’ve become a more conscious shopper.


    As of today, my shopping motto is that if you are going to wear something over and over again as a staple, and it’s very high-quality, then it’s worth investing some extra money in. Aside from helping you become a more sustainable shopper, this week I’m sharing something that makes me happy- really happy. Sustainable luxury. Something that I believe warrants spending a little more money on.



    Ralph Lauren boots from Maribel



    Sustainable luxury can mean many things. This week I’m sharing two pieces that I consider sustainable luxury, and I think you’ll enjoy them as well.


    Good news! The Poncho featured here is currently available and can even be purchased right {here}. It is one of those pieces you will wear for years and years on end, and can be styled a multitude of different ways, bringing the cost per wear way down low (which means it’s really easy on your wallet!)


    This poncho is made by Callina, a brand (also local) that I consider the epitome of sustainable luxuryCallina stands by sustainable and ethical sourcing and practices, and all of their pieces are handmade by artisans, who are then further supported by earning a living sharing their craft. 


    What a wonderful thing to know your purchase has a story, and a deeper meaning beyond being a luxury staple in your wardrobe. The boots shown, by Ralph Lauren, a brand that I always associate with luxury and well-made pieces, were found at a local consignment boutique.


    Any high-end designer piece purchased secondhand is sustainable luxury at its finest as well, in my mind.   With secondhand clothing, the damage was already done in a sense. The resources used to produce such items were already used. Shopping secondhand extends the lifecycle of the item, and even the resources used to make it.




    I get to enjoy these beautiful boots (which I love!) without the expense of wasting additional resources. Well, minus the energy I expended jumping around once I found them- and they fit, perfectly- and they were on sale, 50% off.




    Love the attention to detail in the knit



    Fringy boots + swingy cape= mood-lifting look


    I love incorporating lifestyle practices that are gentler on the planet and people, and secondhand shopping is definitely one of them I can stand behind.


    A few things about today’s look:

    I love the mix of something super basic (the poncho) with something offering a bit of risk (the boots). Of course, there are a ton of ways to style and wear this gorgeous Mia cape by Callina, now a staple in my wardrobe, but one of my most cherished looks is to pair it with these suede fringe boots. The simplicity of the poncho is balanced nicely with the boho flair of all that fringe.


    Shown here:

    poncho- Callina

    boots- Ralph Lauren from Maribel



    fullsizeoutput_238a Version 2   fullsizeoutput_2384


    I hope this inspires you to spend a little more $$$ on a lux staple that you’ll wear (and will last) for a very long time. It feels good to treat yourself, and on something you feel good about, knowing it is tied to a deeper cause.


    It’s almost like instinctively you will value it more. Remember, the higher the quality, the more likely you can resell it and make some of that money back when you are done with it (if ever). And I can guarantee, the more you spend on something you really wanted in the first place, the more you’ll wear it, love it, and the better care you will take of it.

    fullsizeoutput_2394 Version 2


    I hope you enjoy the coming looks, and my focus and dedication to sustainable fashion and helping you become a more conscious and responsible shopper. It may even make you a happier shopper (pretty sure of it).


    I love to shop and that will never change, so I am not about to tell you to stop shopping, or even to shop less if that doesn’t suit you at the present time. But it feels so good to know that your purchases are good for the people that make them and the planet that we live on.


    Every purchase is a vote for what you believe in and want to see more of in the world.



    Much of my journey with clothing has been about investing in myself, and communicating who I am to the World without filter, without shame. And same for you! It’s all about your personal style, your statement, no one else’s.


    You are a walking advertisement for you! Choose clothing you love and that feel good to you! Use your style to express yourself freely and vote with your wallet. Every bit of who you are matters!


    Thank you for reading, watching, following and just being here. This means a lot to me! And I hope this matter means a lot to you too!


    fullsizeoutput_238d Photos taken by Jessie Cagliero

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