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  • Going places…

    I’ll be off on a little respite, taking some long overdue R & R to recharge. As much as I love to blog and share here, everyone needs some time away from even those things we love most.


    It’s hard to believe it’s already been an entire year since we relocated from Minnesota to Northern California. What a great move it’s been. And just now, finally, we are setting off on our first ‘California adventure.



    Version 3

    Version 3





    Time ~ Silence ~ Contemplation… all tools- readily available and even free, god-given gifts that we sometimes are so reluctant to turn to, even when we most need them. Maybe it’s our go-go-go culture or maybe it’s just me.

    This time is for reconnecting with my ingenuity and inspiration. I once heard a quote, “A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for anything.” I believe theres a lot of truth in that.
    So, I’m off…seeking good laughs and lots of sleep, and maybe some sunshine, shopping, and a few long walks on the beach…and I wouldn’t mind some good tequila as well. I hear that is also known to cure anything. But I might be just be hearing things.



    Bon soir.






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    Every purchase is a vote. Make yours count. Dress in clothing you love and that have a positive impact on you and the rest of the world.

    *The items featured on this blog are what I consider sustainable fashion and/or are items I have owned for a very long time- which I consider a sustainable fashion choice simply for the longevity of it.

    photography by Jessie Cagliero

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