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How might your life & business be different if you felt more comfortable in your skin? What would you do with more confidence? Charisma? Or the Courage to really put yourself out there?


When you look in the mirror, do you love what you see?

When you feel comfortable in your skin and proud of who you are, you exude confidence. You hold yourself differently. You walk and talk in a way that  commands the attention of a room. You are eye-grabbing and magnetic!

YOU have presence.

Having confidence and pride in yourself and your image is absolutely necessary in order for others to have confidence and pride in you! I know how it was first starting out your business- a catchy logo, cool branding, new website, a savvy business strategy...but what you forgot about was YOU! Getting yourself and your business visible requires a healthy self-image, self-promotion, a thick skin, and -likely not your favorite- a little vulnerability. If you’re not rock-solid in self-confidence and your self-image, as time passes on, self-doubt and self-consciousness may leave your self-esteem in the gutter, you hiding out, and your business at a stand still. I know how it feels, and I’ve learned what works to get you out of it.

Time to stand up, show up, and shamelessly stand in your spotlight

If you want help learning how to empower yourself and create an image you’re proud of, so you can gain visibility, you are in the right place.

Truly, I care about helping you get empowered, stand up for yourself and use your voice. I believe in creating a business that enables you to express yourself, helping others, and creating major change in the world.

No more fear! No more shame! No more hiding!

I am here to help you love and adore who you are inside and out, so you can share yourself with the world, help more people, make more money, and have more freedom. Everyone wins! And let's face it- it's way more fun to do anything when you're comfortable in your skin and love the image you see in the mirror!


I help women entrepreneurs create an image that they’re proud, find their voice, and self-promote on & off-camera, so they can gain visibility and grow their business.

Laura uses her insider-secrets from almost 20 years in the modeling industry to help women cultivate the confidence and presence of a model without having to become one.

I help you feel the confidence & presence of a model without having to become one!

How do you break out of your shell & turn on the charm in front of a camera, on stage, or even online? I agree, it can be a vulnerable place to be. All women want to feel beautiful, secure, and stand in their power. I know. I’ve been there.

I used to wish I felt...

  • wildly comfortable in my skin
  • the charisma to stand out in a crowd
  • the confidence to use my voice
  • the freedom to shamelessly self-promote myself

I used to feel self-conscious, lacked self-esteem, and was not exactly comfortable using my voice. I assure you I walk my talk. Investing in my own personal coaching served as a turning point in my adult life, to discover the truth of who I am & what I was put here to do.

I have many years of education and experience, but most importantly, I teach from my own life experience. I’ve lived these struggles, and I’ve found the tools that work. I provide exceptional support, guidance, tools, and accountability to help you be empowered to be seen, heard, and to love yourself for it.

Educational accolades include: BS in Kinesiology/Exercise Science, University of New Hampshire, Certified Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Chek Institute, Certified Transformational Life Coach, The Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, Certified Transformational Life Coach, hMBA, 500-hour RYT Certified hatha yoga instructor, and additional certifications in personal training and group fitness with ACE, NETA, AEA, BodyPump, Yogafit, and Silver Sneakers.

I share my experiences, my passion, and what I know to be true for me. I trust that speaking my truth will empower and inspire you to create an image, career, and the life you love. I thank you for trusting in me to walk this road with you as your mentor and guide. – Laura

Please note this disclaimer:

"Laura Madden does not claim to be a medical professional or a nutritionist. Nor does she claim to know the only or right way to optimal health and wellness for you, or your magic pill. That is for you to uncover, and you are responsible for your choices and how you use the information provided here. I can assist, guide, and support you to become your own expert in YOU. The information presented on this website is based on my personal experience, formal and informal education. Consult a medical professional before making lifestyle, dietary or exercise- related changes.”

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